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Attorney Mark Gryska has successfully handled hundreds of personal injury case for almost 30 years. He has handled hundreds of automobile accidents, slip and fall, and assault and battery cases. He and his staff handle all phases of these cases from the gathering of evidence to trial. His focus and duty is to represent the client's best interest. He also keeps the client informed as to the status and involves the client in all major decisions regarding the case.

The process starts with the client intake. Follow up is done on a monthly basis to check on treatment and any questions the client may have. Once treatment is complete and the client feels sufficiently healed, we send out a demand letter. If the case fails to settle after demand and discussions with defendant's insurance company representative, suit is filed. Discovery is conducted through written demands for documentary evidence and written questions. Following this the parties give depositions. Mark carefully prepares the client for his or her deposition and takes the depositions of the defendants and any other witnesses. Many cases settle after this phase. If the case does not settle, then Mark prepares the case for trial. Mark Gryska has successfully tried many cases since 1985.

Mark has obtained outstanding results not only on automobile cases, but on the typically difficult slip and fall cases. He is well versed on the issues of actual notice and constructive notice of the defective condition. When it comes to liability for conditions of ice and snow, he is up to date on the latest cases to find liability and get compensation for our client.

Mark advises the client from intake through trial on the merits of the case and when it is best to settle or go to trial. Preparation is the key to success. A client well-prepared for his or her deposition or trial, is a client who can testify confidently and consistently. Mark's work has led to many excellent settlements and trial verdicts.

Our duty of loyalty is always to the client. We are always up front and honest about the risks and expenses of every case. In personal injury cases, we only collect our fee when we settle the case or it goes to verdict in our favor. No attorneys fees are charged otherwise. Mark and his staff looks forward to putting their years of experience to work for you.

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