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Debt Collection

Our firm has successfully handled and collected on thousands of debt collection files over the years. We have represented banks, small and medium size companies, equipment and material supply companies, construction companies, and individuals to collect money justly due our clients.

First we evaluate the claim with the client and develop a strategy to efficiently and effectively collect the debt. Where we can file a lien or exercise other pre-judgment remedy, we do so.

Second, if suit is necessary, we timely prepare the lawsuit and review it with the client for approval before filing. Then we vigorously prosecute the claim until settlement or judgment. If discovery procedures and trial are necessary, we use our years of experience and expertise to effectively prosecute your claim. We keep you up to date on the status. No settlement is made without your approval.

Once we obtain judgment, we use the legal proceedings to force the debtor to come to court with his or the debtor's financial records and testify as to his income and assets. Where appropriate, we also search for hidden assets and fraudulent transfers of assets. We subscribe to internet services to aid us in locating the defendant and his assets. Then unless we can reach an agreeable payment plan, we use the legal remedies available to collect.

Our attorneys are highly skilled and experienced in these procedures.

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"For the past 5 years, TA Bowman Constructors, LLC, has been represented by Mike Nigro at Nigro & Westfall in our legal matters. The counsel and expertise provided has been at a very high level. It is reassuring to me, as I lead my company, to be able to rely on the integrity that exists at Nigro Westfall & Gryska." More

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