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We have years of solid experience involving trial of jury, bench and arbitration cases. Our attorneys have successfully handled over 1,000 trials and arbitrations and have many years of experience. We have helped many clients as plaintiffs and as defendants. No matter who we represent, our focus is to resolve the case as favorably, quickly and with the least expense to the client to achieve the client's goals.

First, we review will review your claim or defense with you and prepare a strategy for effectively and favorably handling your matter. Then we can determine, if it is advisable to try to settle immediately or we have to educate the other side as to the weakness of the claim and the risk and expense of litigating the matter. Although we always try and resolve the matter at an early stage, this is not always possible.

The key to successful litigation is preparation, experience and knowledge. Our attorneys have experience and knowledge and will appropriately prepare your case, so that they best represent your interests. If suit is required, we prepare the proper pleadings and review them with you for accuracy and to make sure it seeks the remedy to which you are entitled. Once the pleading phase is complete and if the matter is not settled as a result of it, we prepare discovery requests through written demands for documentary evidence and written questions. If that does not resolve the case, we prepare for and take the depositions of the parties and the witnesses. We will carefully prepare you for your deposition, so that you can confidently and effectively testify. We also carefully prepare for the other party's deposition and any other adverse witnesses to pin them down to a version of events and see if the facts indicate that this version is false or misleading or biased.

Many cases settle after or during the discovery phase. If the case does not settle, then we prepare the case for trial. Preparation is the key to success at our firm.

Our attorneys at Nigro, Westfall and Gryska all are seasoned trial attorneys, who can represent your interests to the best of their ability.

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