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Attorney Mark Gryska has successfully handled hundreds of cases to compensate employees for their injuries in connection with their work. The Workers Compensation Act provides a monetary remedy for lost time, permanency of injury and payment of medical bills. However, the key to getting the proper compensation for lost time, and permanency of injury is to be represented by an attorney experienced and knowledgeable about handling Workers Compensation claims. Mark Gryska has represented clients get proper compensation under the Act since 1985. He is a seasoned veteran who knows how to best represent you and your claims.

The Workers compensation Act imposes liability upon the employer regardless of fault. That means even if the employee is at fault, he or she can still recover. Similarly, the employer's fault is not required. However, unlike an automobile accident case, there is no money for pain and suffering. This was the trade off made by the Illinois legislature in return for a no fault law.

Under the Act, the employee is entitled to be compensated for the permanency of the injury based on the worker's average weekly wage. Permanency is now based on American Medical Association guidelines, age of the worker, permanent restrictions, whether the worker has returned to the same job duties, diminishment of earning capacity, the nature of the worker's occupation, and evidence of disability corroborated by the medical records. Current law has made it harder than ever before to get a higher percentage of disability. We as your attorneys know this and are ready and willing to work just as hard to get you the most compensation the law will allow for your type of injury. Attorney fees in this type of case are on a 20% contingency. We only get paid, if you get paid.

It is important to act quickly in these cases. If you fail to give timely notice to your employer, you may lose your rights under the Act. Remember to tell your physician that the injury happened as a result of your work and ask him to record it in your medical records. We counsel clients to make sure this is documented, especially in carpal tunnel and back injury cases where proof of the cause of the injury is more difficult.

We are there to guide you every step of the way through the case, so you can avoid the pitfalls and make your case a successful one. Teamwork is the key to outstanding results.

You need the protection of an attorney to make sure you are paid the proper rate for lost time, and whether your average weekly wage should be based on the overtime hours you work rather than your regular hours. A higher average weekly wage leads to more money, not only for your lost time but for the money you get paid for your permanent injury. Employers often fail to consider your overtime when reporting your claim. Our firm makes every effort to make sure that you are properly compensated. Mark and his staff look forward to putting their years of experience and expertise to work for you.

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